Michigan Veteran and Caregiver Support Helpline

Veteran Help

Call: 1-800-642-4838

Available 24/7, this number will help vets with a plethora of resources. These include federal benefits, state programs, food banks, and applying for Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. 

Details of this Help Include

  1. Needs after a house fire. 
  2. Emergency financial assistance.
  3. Fear of losing your home. 
  4. Home structural modifications for the disabled. 
  5. Housing assistance. 
  6. Receiving a copy of your DD214
Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

Caregiver Support Line

Call: 1-855-260-3274

If you are a veteran’s caregiver and are in search of resources, this line is support available to you. 

Details of this Help Include:

  1. Assistance is available from the VA
  2. Information accessing services. 
  3. Connection with a caregiver support coordinator at the VA medical center.
  4. Someone to listen.

Note: we do not administer these agencies, we provide them as a resource.