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Welcome to the Assessor’s Office homepage. On this page, you can access property records, tax rates, and other valuable information related to residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the City of Taylor. If you need any assistance, our office can be reached at (734) 287-6550. Thank you for visiting the City of Taylor Assessor’s Office web page.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop an annual assessment roll consistent with the City Charter and the General Property Tax Laws of the State of Michigan:

  • Through continued professional development & state certification of our staff.
  • Through continued improvements to our process, procedures & technologies.
  • Through continued measurements of our assessment accuracy & uniformity.
  • Through continued education of the public with regard to assessment administration.
  • Through continued accommodation and ready access to our public records

New for 2023

Public Act 150 of 2021 was signed by the governor on December 23, 2021. The Act amends the Small Business Taxpayer Personal Property Tax Exemption (MCL 211.9o) to increase the combined true cash value limit for “eligible personal property” in a local unit from $80,000 to $180,000 beginning in 2023. The exemption is required to be claimed with the local unit (city or township where the property is located) by February 21, 2023 (postmark is acceptable) by submitting the completed Form 5076 Small Business Property Tax Exemption Claim Under MCL 211.9o. Late filed forms may be filed directly with the 2023 March Board of Review prior to the closure of the March Board. Related forms and all others can be found by clicking here

Economic Condition Factors & Land Analysis

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