July Board of Review

Special Meeting

The July Board of Review meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July each year. The meeting is held at Taylor City Hall. This special meeting of the board is convened by the assessing officer to correct a clerical error or mutual mistake of fact. No valuation appeals are heard at this meeting.

Principal Residence Exemption

An owner of a property that is "principal residence exemption" or is "qualified agricultural" property on May 1 may appeal to the July Board of Review for the current year and the immediately preceding 3 years if the exemption was not on the tax roll.

PA 74 of 1995

PA 74 of 1995 authorizes the July Board of Review to hear appeals for poverty exemptions, but not for poverty exemptions denied by the March Board of Review. This applies to the current year only.

When Can You Make an Appeal

An owner of a property may appeal the rescission of a principal residence exemption to the July Board of Review in either the year for which the exemption is rescinded or in the immediately succeeding year.