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Outdoor Dining & Seating Permit Application


  1. 1. Information Page
  2. 2. Layout Example of Dining/Seating Plan
  3. 3. Outdoor Dining/Seating - Applicant and Property Owner Information
  4. 4. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement - City of Taylor
  5. 5. User Guide for Tents, Canopies, and Other Memnbrane Structures
  6. 6. Procedures
  7. 7. Business Checklist
  8. 8. Public Health Guidance for Restaunts and Bars
  • Information Page

    1. Taylor Made For You Logo
    2. Outdoor Dining & Seating Permit Application
      Please be sure to view our related documents as they are required reading.
    3. Type of Business
    4. Type of Concessions
    5. Event will have:
    6. If event will require any of the following municipal equipment, the applicant will be charged for use, placement, and maintenance of the items:
    7. Completed application and site plans may be dropped off or sent to 23555 Goddard Rd, Taylor, MI, 48180. Or fax to the City of Taylor Building Department (734) 374-2732.
    8. You must call the Building Department for final inspection after the event.
    9. You must call the Building Department at (734) 287-6550 and Fire Department at (734) 374-1355 during regular business hours to request an inspection prior to the start of use, or fines may be assessed. Online inspection applications are also available through our Form Center.